Ephemeride de la Shoah 4 Février

Si toutes les victimes du Nazisme n’étaient pas juives,
tous les JUIFS furent des victimes.

4 Février
400 juifs sont assassinés dans la ville de Liepaïa (Lettonie).
1943 Les SS assassinent 450 juifs à Novogrudok (Biélorussie).
– A Lvov, les allemands tuent 4 des 12 membre du Judenrat. 6 autres sont envoyés au camp de concentration de Janawska.

Walter Szczeniak, Dedham, United States
February 4, 1911

Walter was the oldest of eight children born to Polish-Catholic immigrant parents in a town near Boston, Massachusetts. The family moved back to Poland when Walter was a child, and lived on a family farm near Ostroleka in northern Poland that Walter’s mother had inherited. Because his father’s American nickname was « Stetson, » Walter was mistakenly registered as « Charles Stetson » on his American birth certificate.

1933-39: After I completed secondary school, my father sent me to the University of Warsaw, where I graduated with a law degree in 1936. I was apprenticed to a Warsaw court and my goal was to become a Polish senator. While on summer vacation in 1939, I ignored an order from the U.S. consulate in Warsaw for American citizens to leave Poland immediately. Within a month the Germans had occupied Ostroleka. I joined the Polish underground.
1940-44: In 1941 the underground asked me to return to America to describe what the Nazis were doing, but I was caught in Slovakia and deported to Auschwitz. I knew that my life sentence in a penal unit meant certain death, so I requested to see the commandant to ask if I could be transferred. It was a gamble: either he’d be in a good mood and say « yes, » or he’d be in a bad mood and have me shot. I was lucky; he transferred me to the kitchen detail, where I recovered my strength and avoided being selected for gassing.

Walter was later reassigned to a railway repair unit. He was liberated by American soldiers near Salzburg, Austria, on May 2, 1945. He returned to America in 1946.

Source: Le Livre De La Mémoire Juive De Simon Wiesenthal
Source: http://www.ushmm.org
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