Ephemeride of the Holocaust: January 16

If all the victims of Nazism were not Jewish, all Jews were victims.

Wladyslaw Piotrowski, Plock, Poland 1892January 16
1942 3 000 Jews of Lodz / Litzmannstadt were deported to the Chelmno extermination camp, where they were murdered.
1943 1 000 Jews were deported from the ghetto of Ostrowiec (province of Kielce, Poland) in the forced labor camp in Sandomierz.
– 2000 Jewish ghetto in Grodno (Byelorussian SSR) were deported to the extermination camp of Auschwitz.
1944 Before the arrival of the Soviet army, the 400 Jewish prisoners from the camp of Sandomierz were murdered by the SS.

Wladyslaw Piotrowski, Plock, Poland

Wladyslaw was born to Catholic parents in Russian-occupied Poland. He grew up in Plock, a town located in a rural area north of Warsaw. Wladyslaw married in 1918 and he and his wife, Marie, raised four children.

1933-39: Wladyslaw worked as a bookkeeper, and then as an accountant for a local farmers’ cooperative. In 1931 he was sent to the town of Wyszogrod to close a failing branch of the farmers cooperative. A year later, he organized a new, successful cooperative in Wyszogrod with local farmers and landowners. After Germany invaded Poland in 1939, the cooperative was taken over by the Germans, and Wladyslaw and the employees were ordered to stay on.

1940-42: On April 6, 1940, Wladyslaw and his eldest son Janusz were arrested at home in Wyszogrod by German police. They were taken to a large empty hall, where many men had been placed facing the wall. One by one, more men were brought in. After several hours, Wladyslaw was told to go home. His son was among the 129 arrested and deported to concentration camps. After that Wladyslaw, who had returned to the cooperative, joined the Polish resistance. In May 1942 he was arrested, and tortured for four months.

On September 18, 1942, Wladyslaw and 12 other prisoners were publicly hanged by the Germans in the former Jewish section of Plock.


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