Ephemeride of the Holocaust: January 3

If all the victims of Nazism were not Jewish, all Jews were victims.
Over 5000 of my brothers, were murdered a day from 1942 to 1945.
Now here is the list of Jewish souls who were murdered.
This is the story of one of these souls.

January 3
1941 1 000 Jews from around Grojec (Poland) are brought into the ghetto of the city.
1942 The Jews of Sabad, Nis and Kragujevac (central Serbia) are deported to the camp Sajmiste, near the Yugoslav capital, Belgrade.
1943 The Nazis execute Jews Opoczno 120 (Kelci province, Poland). They were the last of the 3000 Jews living in Opoczno before the German invasion.
– In the ghetto of Czestochowa (Poland), a group of armed Jewish resistance fighters led by Meldel Fiszkiewicz attack the Nazis seeking to enter the ghetto. 20 Nazis were killed, 25 resistant die in battle. In retaliation, Jewish 250 SS rifle.

Chronology of the Holocaust in France

September 3: France declares war against Germany.

June 14: The Wehrmacht entered Paris.
June 22: Marshal Petain signed the armistice at Rethondes.
July 10: Parliament votes full powers to Petain.
July 30: French law requiring « francisation administration. »
September 27: German first order: census of the Jewish population in the occupied zone
made by the French administration in October 1940.
October 24: Hitler met Petain-Montoire.
October 3: Status of the first Jews in Vichy adopted and published in the OJ on October 18. For the first time a French law legal definition of the Jews, denying them access to the public and various professions.
October 4: Vichy allows prefects to intern foreign nationals of Jewish « race ».
October 7: Repeal of the Cremieux decree: Jews of Algeria were deprived of their nationality.
October 18: German second order requiring the documentation of all Jewish businesses.
October 19: The Chief of Police ordered to affix the word « Jew » in red ink on the identity cards of Jews residing in the occupied zone.

February 10: Admiral Darlan, vice president of the Council
March 20: Opening of the camp of Drancy, near Paris.
March 29: Creation of the General Commissariat for Jewish Questions (CGQJ) led by Xavier Vallat that
claims a « state anti-Semitism. »
May 14: first major roundup of Jews in Paris: 3710 people were sent to camps in the Loiret, in Pithiviers and Beaune-la-Rolande.
June 2: second status of the Jews. A law promulgated on the same day ordered a census of all Jews being on French territory, including the free zone.
July 22: the law of spoliation « on business, property and securities belonging to the Jews’ economic Aryanization, the liquidation of Jewish property and pass under the control of non-Jewish administrators.
5 September: opening of the exhibition « The Jew and France » at the Palais Berlitz
October 19: Creating a Police for Jewish Affairs (PQJ) by Vichy.
November 29: French law establishing the General Union of Israelites de France (UGIF). It includes all the obligatory cultural and religious associations.
December 12: round-up of 700 notable Jews in Paris.

January 20: Wannsee Conference: senior fifteen-Nazi officials met in Wannsee (a suburb of Berlin) under the command of Heydrich to organize the implementation of the « Final Solution to the Jewish problem », that is to say, plan for the systematic execution of the 11 million European Jews in extermination camps.
March 27: first deportation train to the east.
April 18: Laval, prime minister Pierre Laval returned to power and appoints René Bousquet at the General Secretariat to the police.
May 29: German ordinance establishing the wearing of the yellow star for Jews over 6 years, AO.
July 8: 9th. German ordinance prohibiting Jews from attending certain public places
(Restaurants, cafes, cinemas, swimming pools, parks and squares …)
July 16-18: Vel d’Hiv roundup ‘: 12,884 Jews arrested in Paris.
August 20-25: New mass arrests of foreign Jews in Paris. 4232 men were interned at
Drancy by the French police at the request of the Germans.
Aug. 26: roundup of foreign Jews in the southern zone. July-August: multiplication of raids in the occupied zone and convoys to the camps killing.

June 6: Allied landings in Normandy.
August 17: the last train of deportees left Drancy.

January 27: Release’Auschwitz camp by Soviet troops.

Source : Serge Klarsfeld, Le calendrier de la persécution des Juifs de France (1940-1944),
Ed. « FFDJF » et « The Beate Klarsfeld Foundation », 1993.

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