Ephemeride of the Holocaust: January 1

If all the victims of Nazism were not Jewish, all Jews were victims.
Over 5000 of my brothers, were murdered a day from 1942 to 1945.
Now here is the list of Jewish souls who were murdered.
This is the story of one of these souls.

Convoy No. 60 of October 7, 1943 won Taksen family: among them, Lina 11 years and Philippe Taksen 13.

1st January
1940 The Jews of Lodz (Poland) are concentrated in the old town and the district of Baluty.
1941 400 Jews from the hospital and retirement home in Kalisz (Poland) were gassed in specially equipped trucks.
1942 The Nazis begin the slaughter of Jews Eupatoria (Crimea, RSS) but their non-Jewish friends house them fraternally. It will take two weeks to the SS to kill Jews, 1300.
– A Turka (district of Lwow, Lemberg, Galicia) now Lvov in RSS of Ukraine), the first major Aktion against the community: 500 Jews were shot on site.
– A transport of Jews around 1000 the Lodz ghetto arrive in Chelmno extermination camp. The deportees were immediately gassed.
– Organizations Jewish ghetto of Vilna (Lithuania) based resistance movement led by Itzhak Wittenber, Joseph Glazman, and Abba Kovner. He begins to be active inside the ghetto and then extends around its work.
– A ghetto is created Kamionka, a suburb of Bezin (Silesia). The Jews were interned until their deportation to extermination camps. Until the summer of 1943, there have been many partial deportations to Auschwitz.
– 3000 Jewish Iwje (District Novogrudok, Byelorussian SSR) are deported to Borisov they all perish.
– The last 200 Jews Kozlov (province of Kielce) were deported to the extermination camp of Kozlov (province of Kielce) were deported to the extermination camp of Auschwitz.
1945 in Budapest during a Aktion that lasts two days, the SS drove more than 200 Jews out of their homes and shoot them.

Review of the deportation of Jews from France
76 000 11 400 deported Jews whose children

For the exact figures of the deportation and murder of Jews in France are known,
It was not until the late 1970s and the work of Serge Klarsfeld and FFDJF, particularly
publication in 1978 of his Memorial of the Deportation of Jews from France.

There were about 320,000 Jews in France in 1940, half of which were foreign Jews, among the 320,000 Jews, about 70,000 children. Fifty-five thousand foreigners and 25,000 French Jews were victims in France of the « Final Solution ».

Nearly 76,000 Jews were deported from France (only 2500 of them survived their deportation). Approximately 3,000 others died in France in the internment camps and a thousand more were summarily executed, or killed because they were Jews.

Of all the years of Occupation, 1942 was the blackest: 42,000 Jews deported in 43 convoys to Auschwitz-Birkenau.
Two thirds of the 32,000 Jews deported in 1943-1944 were of the province, while in 1942, three quarters of the 42,000 Jews had been in the Paris area.
Of 11,400 children deported from France, the 6000 was only during the summer of 1942. Two thousand of them were not 6 years.
During 1943, 17,000 Jews were deported in 17 convoys with four to Sobibor.

In 1944, they are still 15,000 Jews who were deported in 14 convoys, including two from Lyon and Toulouse (convoy was headed on Lithuania and Estonia).
A thousand Jews from North and Pas-de-Calais were deported via Camp Mechelen, Belgium.
240 000 Jews, three quarters of the Jews in France survived, mainly due to the sympathy and solidarity of the French population
Source : Serge Klarsfeld, Le Mémorial de la déportation des Juifs de France, Paris 1978


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