Ephemeride of the Holocaust: December 17

If all the victims of Nazism were not Jewish, all Jews were victims.
Over 5000 of my brothers, were murdered a day from 1942 to 1945.
Now here is the list of Jewish souls who were murdered.
This is the story of one of these souls.

Paul Matasovski, Born: Bacau, Romania December 17, 1923

December 17
1939 The mentally ill asylums Polish Tiegenhof and Kosta were gassed and burned. The 1942 231 SS rifle Jewish Ghetto Podlaska Biala (Poland).
– 557 Juiufs are killed by the SS after an uprising in the camp of forced labor Kruszyna (Poland).
– The SS murder 3,000 Jews from the ghetto Baranovicze (Belarus).
1943 The last transport of years left Drancy (France) with 850 Jewish men and women deported to the extermination camp of Auschwitz. 505 Jews were gassed upon arrival. Only 26, including four women survive to the camp’s liberation in 1945.
1945 Chelmno, the commando who was in charge of dismantling the camp in previous months, is liquidated by the SS. They force them to carry the bottles on their heads and then play to the target.

Paul Matasovski, Born: Bacau, Romania
December 17, 1923

Paul was one of three children born to Jewish parents. They lived in a small city with a large Jewish population in central Moldavia. Paul’s Ukrainian-born father had been stationed in Romania during World War I, and chose to remain there rather than return to Ukraine after the 1917 Russian Revolution.

1933-39: Our household observed the Jewish holidays. I loved Passover with its special meals and the opportunity to show off new clothes. On the radio we heard about the Nazis in Germany; in our own country, the antisemitic Iron Guard was becoming more popular. One morning in September 1939 I saw signs of the war for the first time: retreating Polish soldiers rode down our street, looking hungry and thirsty.

1940-44: The fascist Iron Guard was in power. Being forced out of public school was the first of many measures I suffered because I was a Jew. My friends and I refused to remain passive. Building a radio and listening to foreign broadcasts were our first acts of defiance. We helped the underground by smuggling news inside soap bars and putting sand in German gas tanks. By cutting electric wires we sabotaged production at a factory where I was a forced laborer making uniforms for the German army.

Suspected of sabotage, Paul was arrested and tortured by Romanian police, but was released just before Soviet troops invaded Romania in 1944. He moved to the United States in 1972.


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