Ephemeride of the Holocaust: December 14

If all the victims of Nazism were not Jewish, all Jews were victims.
Over 5000 of my brothers, were murdered a day from 1942 to 1945.
Now here is the list of Jewish souls who were murdered.
This is the story of one of these souls.

Herschel Rosenblat, Varsovie, Poland Né en 1916

December 14
The new 1936 Nobel Prize for Peace, Carl von Ossietzky, who was denied a trip to Stockholm to receive his prize is transferred from the Papenburg concentration camp to a hospital in Berlin, is seriously ill following the ill-treatment during of his confinement.
1941 The SS murdered 76 Jews Karasubasar (Ukraine).
– The SS 975 leading Jews of the village of Dabie (Poland) in the forest of Chelmno, where they suffocated in gas vans specially equipped.
– Deadline for the Jews of Lvov (Ukraine) who had settled in the area designated by the Nazis on November 8th: On this day, Jews who have not obeyed the order to move and remained hidden their old address were shot.
– In France, after an attack, the Germans to the Jews require a « fine » of 1 billion francs and decided to run 100 Jewish hostages.
1942 4 000 Jews of Novy Dvor Mazoviechi (Warsaw) were deported to the extermination camp of Auschwitz.
1943 A Jew was deported from Vienna (Austria) in the concentration camp of Theresienstadt.
– SS and Ukrainian police shoot 200 Jews Drohobycz (Ukraine).

Herschel Rosenblat, Varsovie, Poland
Né en 1916

Herschel was the youngest of three sons born to Yiddish-speaking Jewish parents. When Herschel was a child, his family moved to Radom, an industrial city which had a large Jewish population. By 1930, Herschel had finished his schooling and was helping in his father’s shoemaking business. With the help of a friend, he later found a full-time job as a house painter.

1933-39: Herschel’s career as a painter was interrupted for two years when he was drafted into the Polish cavalry at the age of 20. When Germany threatened to attack Poland in August 1939, Herschel was called up again. After Germany occupied Poland, he avoided capture as a POW and returned home. When the Germans beat up his older brother Itzik he borrowed money and fled east to the town of Slonim in Soviet-occupied Poland.

1940-41: In Slonim Herschel again found work as a painter, but in 1941 he fell from a scaffold while painting and broke his leg. He was in the hospital when the Germans attacked the Soviet Union on June 22, 1941. Three days later, German troops stormed into Slonim. Most of Herschel’s friends were able to flee in time, but Herschel lay helpless in the hospital. As German combat troops continued their advance into the Soviet Union, they were followed by mobile killing squads which entered Slonim to kill Jews.

Along with other hospital patients in Slonim, Herschel was shot and killed as he lay in his hospital bed. He was 25 years old.


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