Ephemeride of the Holocaust: November 25

If all the victims of Nazism were not Jewish, all Jews were victims.
Over 5000 of my brothers, were murdered a day from 1942 to 1945.
Now here is the list of Jewish souls who were murdered.
This is the story of one of these souls.

Channah Mazansky-Zaidel, Paneveys, Lituanie vers 1908

1940 The Patria, a ship carrying 1,771 passengers without a visa, of the European Jews fleeing Nazi persecution in the immigrant (illegally) in Palestine, is not authorized by British officials to dock in Haifa. An explosion destroyed the ship. 257 people are killed, the survivors are saved by the people gathered on the shore.
1941 The Nazis massacre Jews Rechitza 3000 (Belarus). This community was one of the oldest in the region.
– Order for forfeiture of claims by debtors to Jews Aryans. The Einsatzkommando III killed in four days the 5,000 Jews from the Reich and installed in the ghetto of Kaunas.
– 2934 German Jews were shot in Kovno.
1942 531 Jewish women and children are brought by sea from Bergen (Norway) to Stettin, where they will be deported to extermination camps in Poland.
– 400 Jewish Ghetto Sasov (Ukraine) are deported to the ghetto Zloczow, where they will die later, along with the Jews of this city.
– Liquidation of the ghetto in Siedlce (Poland), after he had been reduced in size following the deportations: 2000 Jews who remain there are deported to the extermination camp of Treblinka, where they perish.
– A forced labor camp for 500 internees remaining in Siedlce.
40 Jews were murdered in 1943 during the liquidation of the concentration camp in Gomel (Belarus).
4 Jews were hanged in 1944 by German police in Ciechanover (Poland).

Channah Mazansky-Zaidel, Paneveys, Lithuania
about 1908

Channah was one of six children born to a Jewish family. In 1914, during the First World War, a year after his father’s death, the family fled to Russia. After the war, they returned to Lithuania and settled in the village of Pampena in a house that had the grandparents Channah. When the three siblings went Channah settle in South Africa in the 1920s, Channah helped provide for the family by sewing.

1933-1939: worked as a seamstress in Channah Pampena when, in the mid-1930s, she met Channoch Zaidel. The couple, who remained living in Pampena, had a child. In September 1939, Germany invaded Poland. At that time, Lithuania was still a free nation.

1940-1941: In the days following the German invasion of the Soviet Union, June 22, 1941, German troops had taken possession of around Pampena. At the end of the summer of 1941, German troops approached the village, as part of a Nazi plan to eliminate the Jews of Lithuania. Before the arrival of German soldiers, groups of armed Lithuanian collaborators gathered the Jews Pampena in a nearby forest and then forced them to dig trenches. They then made to undress. The Jews were then ordered to go down in the trenches. They were machine-gunned.

Channah, Channoch, and their three children were killed, and Channa’s mother, Sara Rachel, his twin brother, Moishe, and his younger brother, Chaim. Channah was thirty-three years.

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